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Quality Control System

Based on the situation of YC Chem and relying on the ISO management system, we have established the supplier evaluation system, process quality management system, cargo shipment management system and product quality improvement system to conduct process management and standard management during the whole process of product management. Our strict quality control system ensures our product quality meets the requirements of the changing market and enable us to provide clients with high-quality products and comprehensive services, to continuously improve product quality and customer satisfaction, to creat our own brand image

1.The supplier evaluation system: Regularly dynamically evaluate suppliers' product quality, rate of timely delivery and service quality; conduct hierarchical management of suppliers, and implement“survival of the fittest”; The system ensures that suppliers' product quality meets high standards. Develop and cultivate premium suppliers, establish strategic partnerships, and achieve win-win cooperation.


2.Process quality management system: Conduct standard management and control during the whole process of production and processing. Based on process control data and records and focused on details, assure products controllable from production to circulation, and ensure product quality meets high requirements.


3.Cargo shipment management system: supervise and manage the cargo shipment to ensure the appearance, packaging and quantity are in compliance with requirements; effectively manage the warehouse for shipping, design a scientific and reasonable packing plan, ensure that goods are orderly packed and timely delivered.


4.Product quality improvement system: collect and analyze the physico-chemical property, manufacturing process, patent situation, product quality feedback, etc., compare and study me-too products of multinational companies, and conduct in-depth and extensive communication and exchange with domestic and foreign experts to continuously improve product quality.